Radiographs, or x-rays, are images produced by passing electromagnetic waves through the body in order to distinguish differences in tissue formation. Radiographs can be used to examine internal body parts such as bones, intestines, lungs and the heart.

Radiographs can be useful in the diagnosis of fractures, dislocations, arthritis and joint disease, intestinal issues, and heart and lung issues.

We will schedule radiographs for your pet at any local full-service veterinary hospital or a nearby referral facility.

Dental Radiographs

A series of dental x-rays is taken prior to performing a dental on your pet in order to assess the integrity of tooth roots. More than half of the tooth exists below the gum line, meaning that dental disease may not be detected by physical examination alone.


Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves (emitted in a range unable to be heard) to examine internal body parts such as the heart, bladder, kidneys, intestines, pancreas, and uterus.

Ultrasound is used in the diagnosis of internal disease as well as to aid urine sampling from the bladder. We can schedule a board-certified specialist to come to your home or refer if needed.