Our pricing is simple.

The house call fees listed below include a full comprehensive exam for the first pet.
Additional household exam fees are $70.00 per pet.

Visit within 25 miles: $180
Visit within 25-50 miles away: $225
Visit within 50-75 miles away: $245
Visit within 75-100 miles away: $300

Please call to set up a multi-pet vaccine visit for your family, neighbors, and co-workers’ pets to receive special pricing based on the number of pets seen during the same visit at the same location.

Please call for price quotes for visits to CT. MA., and RI.

Check Your Mileage!

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This includes any individual vaccination.


This includes all core vaccinations and/or boosters required.



This includes the procedure as well as the fluids being administered.


This includes things like an enema, or non-sedated mat removal.


The size of a grain of rice, a microchip is inserted beneath your pet’s skin between their shoulder blades. Implantation is safe and takes just a few minutes.


Radiographs will be referred to a local hospital of your choice.


A specialist can be scheduled to come to your home.

Discount Examinations


This includes a recheck for existing issue or visit for vaccine boosters.

A separate house call fee will be incurred.


Each additional Pet seen at a discounted rate.


Pricing is dependent on lab fees and tests being performed.


Hear-worm, tick-borne disease, and other tests can be performed in your home.


Intestinal parasite screening, ear/skin cytology, or voided urinalysis.

End of Life Care


This includes the euthanasia and the remains are handled by the owner.


This includes the euthanasia, the remains are taken and cremated and not returned to the owner.


This includes the euthanasia, the remains are taken, privately cremated, and returned to the owner in an urn.


This includes the euthanasia and the remains are handled by the owner.

Travel Certificates


Health Certificate for travel within the contiguous U.S.  (Not including Hawaii)

$365.00 Health Certificate for travel outside of the contiguous U.S.  Every country has specific import regulations.  Information can be found by visiting the USDA APHIS Travel Site.



Prices are dependent on medication prescribed and your pet’s weight. Please visit our online store for many products as well as prescription fulfillment and auto delivery right to you home!